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Compostable - Irwin's Bakery


Our Nutty Krust packaging is PLASTIC FREE and can be COMPOSTED!

We are proud that our products are packed in plastic free home compostable packaging. Our innovative film is just as durable and impermeable as ordinary bread packaging, but unlike others on the market, it biologically decomposes in a home composter (an ordinary compost heap or your local councils food waste collection) and returns to the natural cycle, behaving just like an orange or banana peel.

What to do?
Tuck into our Nutty Krust bread and enjoy.

When you are finished, place the wax wrap into your food waste bin (check local collection) or home compost heap. There are dedicated facilities in Northern Ireland that treat food waste to produce compost.
Our packaging breaks down into compost, the compost returns nutrients to the soil and reduces the need for additional fertilisers.